Your Guide to a Surprise Divorce

surprised divorce

The term “surprise divorce” refers to a divorce that occurs unexpectedly. It can put your financial future and your possessions in jeopardy, and you’ll almost certainly have to split your possessions, pay alimony, or pay child support. 

Separating from your spouse can be extremely stressful and challenging, so get a divorce attorney in Arizona.

What to do in a Sudden Divorce

You’ll have to wait for a number of legal and financial decisions before your divorce is finally finalized, but know that there will be an end, and you’ll get through it.

While going through a divorce, remember to look after yourself. Do not be hesitant to seek help from family and friends who can assist you. 

Consider seeing a therapist or a counselor. Do whatever you need to do to maintain your composure throughout the proceedings.

Takedown financial information. Knowing what assets you have is the only way to determine if you are getting the proper assets following your divorce.

If your spouse has trusts or a business in his or her name, the information on these accounts may be valuable as well.

A divorce lawyer in Arizona can assist you in filing an application with the court to compel your spouse to release and reveal particular financial papers in this situation.

It may be time to consider segregating your finances if you and your spouse have access to the same financial accounts.

Don’t Give in to Spousal Pressure

If your spouse threatens you, you can ask local law enforcement for a restraining order to prevent your spouse from threatening you or even visiting you.

Restraining orders can also assist keep you and your children safe, and they can often allow you to stay in your house while your divorce is being processed.

Get a Family Attorney

If you’ve recently received divorce papers and haven’t yet consulted with Fruchtman Law Firm, do so right away.

A Scottsdale divorce lawyer at Fruchtman Law Firm can assist you not only in obtaining the property and assets you deserve but also in representing you during child custody hearings and other divorce-related matters.