Why Choose A Family Law Attorney From The Start?

family law attorneyIn a family law case it may be tempting to attempt to work things out between parents without the use of attorneys. There is certainly precedent for such a parental agreement to exist; however, it is far more common that this method will lead to upheaval and an eventual court battle despite strong efforts.

The next thought that parents, especially parents who have traditionally been amicable in the past, may have is to go pro se in court, or represent themselves. This can be a critical error at a variety of junctures. While on the surface these two options may seem as though they would save valuable money and potentially even preserve the co-parenting relationship, quite the opposite is far more likely to happen.

Family court in any regard is an extremely multi-faceted experience. There are issues such as legal and physical custody, medical decisions, child support, holiday sharing, and many more which need to be assessed and agreed upon. To compound these issues, family court is a place where emotions notoriously run high. It is in the ironing out of these decisions that an attorney becomes essential to the successful outcome. Your attorney will be thinking rationally, assessing your priorities, and seeking to ensure a fair agreement for you and your loved ones.

Military divorce situations require additional considerations and exemptions that are different from civilian divorces. Attorney Hope Fruchtman is a Scottsdale family law attorney who is well-versed in the intricate details of military divorce. A member of the Arizona State Bar since 1995, she is eager to serve military families with compassion and extensive experience.

If you find yourself searching for a Scottsdale family law attorney who will offer fair representation with a strong legal presence, Fruchtman Law Firm can be the perfect fit for you and your situation. Fruchtman Law Firm has been in business since 1995 helping families get through the struggles associated with family law cases. Several of their associates are Scottsdale family law attorneys who are caring, capable, and constantly thinking of ways to better your family law situation. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.