Who Will Get the House in the Divorce?

who will get the house after the divorce

“Who gets to keep the house?” is the initial question many prospective divorcees ask during a consultation. 

The conventional response from a divorce attorney in Arizona is it depends on multiple factors, and even though you can don’t necessarily mean you should.  

Meanwhile, the marital residence is frequently associated with powerful emotions, making it one of the more difficult problems to address in a divorce.

Factors That Affect The Decision on Who Gets The House

Unlike many other aspects of divorce, questions about the marital residence frequently cross over and across the major categories that define a divorce, such as child custody, child support, and asset division. 

Custody, support, and assets can affect a spouse’s entitlement to continue living in the marital home following a divorce. 

Before the previous marital home can be prioritized in your divorce, there are a few things to think about. 

Basic financial accounting problems, strategic deliberations in the negotiation, lawful issues, and honest self-reflection regarding the emotional dynamics encircling the topic of who retains the marital house in a divorce are just a few examples.

Who Keeps the House?

A divorce lawyer in Arizona will give you a few questions to think about while determining whether to pursue the home in a divorce:

What will be the location of your children’s residence and their length of stay?

Does either party have enough funds to purchase the other spouse’s interest in the house?

If you’re not purchasing your spouse’s interest, how long will you stay in the house after the divorce?

Is it possible for you to compel your spouse to depart during the divorce proceedings?

How a Lawyer Can Help

Since a Scottsdale divorce lawyer is not shrouded in emotions, they can help you make the most logical decisions and spare you and your children the additional distress. 

Often an attorney at the Fruchtman Law Firm will suggest that optional living arrangements are a logical financial and emotional move, both based on how you respond to those questions.