When to Discuss a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

prenuptial agreementYou have found the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. You intend to get married. While love, romance, and affection have driven you to this decision, you must also attend to practical matters. Divorce is the last thing you want to think about when you are about to marry, but you must protect your finances. This is especially important if you have accumulated or inherited a large fortune or you have built up a prosperous business. The best way to protect your assets and finances is to create a pre-nuptial agreement and have your future spouse sign it.

Pre-nuptial agreements are best discussed soon after you have decided to marry. Getting through the process can be tense and difficult. But the sooner you start, the more time you will have to work through issues. Attorney Hope Fruchtman can help you create a pre-nuptial agreement that is fair and reasonable. Attorney Hope Fruchtman has helped many people who need the kind of protection afforded by this legal device.

Do not be surprised if your partner challenges some of the provisions of the pre-nuptial agreement. They may want their own attorney to review it before signing. It is perfectly reasonable and acceptable to negotiate the final terms of the pre-nuptial agreement with your future spouse. Getting family lawyers in Scottsdale AZ involved from the beginning will make things go much smoother.

The Fruchtman Law Firm has family lawyers in Scottsdale AZ who can provide the advice, insight, and expertise you need to write up a pre-nuptial agreement that protects your interests and will be considered fair by the person you intend to marry. Before tying the knot with the person you love, you should call the Fruchtman Law Firm to create a pre-nuptial agreement that will give you peace of mind.