When to Consider Child Custody Modification

child custody modification

While it would be nice if a child custody agreement would never need amendment, in truth, life changes. That means you change the custody agreement to suit life.

What Necessitates a Child Custody Modification?

Many reasons exist for parents needing to modify a child custody agreement. The most common reasons include:

  • Moving to a new area,
  • Job transfer,
  • Taking a new job,
  • Illness of either parent or the child,
  • Issues with addiction of either parent.

Those aren’t the only reasons to modify a custody agreement. Any form of abuse by one parent or a party with access to their household, therefore the child, creates another reason to modify the agreement. This could take the form of physical or sexual abuse, but emotional abuse also provides cause for modification.

With respect to addiction, any addiction, whether alcohol, drugs, gambling, the Internet, gaming, etc. qualifies as a reason for custody modification. If the addiction results in abuse or neglect of the child, it can stand as a cause for modification.

One parent might fall ill and need the other parent to temporarily assume primary custody. Modifications also occur when the child falls ill and the non-custodial parent lives nearer to a major hospital or care center for that illness.

Making a Legal Modification to a Custody Aggreement

Many other reasons also exist for modifying a custody agreement. A Scottsdale child custody lawyer can help you determine whether the court would likely recognize the reason you need to make a change to your existing agreement and how best to document it.

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