What Is In Loco Parentis? What Happens During A Case?

In some situations within family law, cases arise where an individual will assume the rights, obligations, and duties of a parent without formally going through the process of legal adoption of a minor. Known as In Loco Parentis, meaning “in the place of a parent,” this legal doctrine is utilized far more frequently than many people realize. If you are in a situation where In Loco Parentis would be your most suitable legal option, turn to family law attorneys in Scottsdale AZ at the Fruchtman Law Firm for assistance.

Who Uses In Loco Parentis?
In most instances, In Loco Parentis will be used by individuals who become legal guardians of children, but who do not go through an adoption process in court. Though not a formal adoption process, obtaining In Loco Parentis will have various legal implications, especially regarding insurance matters and compensation related to workers’ compensation law. Should you require guidance on these or other related matters, consult with attorney Hope Fruchtman.

Teachers and Students
Along with legal guardians, In Loco Parentis is also applied to those relationships involving teachers and students. This can come into play in various areas within schools, including corporal punishment and areas deemed to be necessary for the safety of children. In many cases, In Loco Parentis disputes will arise regarding the zero-tolerance policies found in many schools. If a child is suspended or expelled based on these policies, legal guardians may challenge these decisions in court. However, these are generally difficult cases to win, which is why you should always turn to family law attorneys in Scottsdale AZ such as attorney Hope Fruchtman.

Due to the complexities of In Loco Parentis cases, always rely on the advice and expertise of the Fruchtman Law Firm. To discuss your case and various legal options in more detail, schedule a consultation soon with attorney Hope Fruchtman.