What is Equitable Division?

property division between two ex couple

The process of getting a divorce can bring out many challenges that the two parties involved may have not considered.  One such consideration is the division of property and assets.  It is important to know your state’s laws and definition of community and separate property.  The statutes in the state of Arizona do not clearly define some of the property issues that are more complex.  Equitable Division is a legal way of guiding the two parties in a divorce on how property that was obtained during the marriage should be distributed.  If a married couple is planning a divorce, the Fruchtman Law Firm has a divorce litigation attorney Scottsdale with experience in statutory and case law.

The State of Arizona is a community property state, and during a divorce the court will award an equitable division of property that was acquired during the marriage.  The properties are community property regardless of who made the purchase, or whose name is on the title.  There are some factors that a judge may take into account when determining the division of some assets.  The Scottsdale divorce lawyers with the Fruchtman Law Firm can help ensure that all properties of value are listed, and that there is no inequality of distribution.

A Scottsdale divorce lawyer can help you with complex property issues, and help keep any property that was brought into the marriage separate and apart from the marital property.  Everything will be distributed 50/50 unless the judge finds that this is inequitable.  The Scottsdale divorce lawyers are there to fight for your rights, and mediate any agreed upon decisions between the two parties to eliminate a decision by the judge.  Your lawyer can help if you and your spouse agree to a different formula by which to divide your property.  The Fruchtman Law Firm are family law attorneys working in your best interest.