What If My Ex-Spouse Wants to Relocate Custody?

It is not uncommon after a divorce for a parent to break the news that he or she is moving to a new town, city, or state. For many, it comes as a shock, and anxieties begin to grow over the stability and longevity of a parent-child relationship. A parent may ask him or herself, “How can I have a quality relationship with my child if they are hundreds of miles away or in another state?” family law attorney in scottsdale

A parent may feel betrayal and as if their child is being stolen away from them.  He or she is left with more questions than answers. However, a parent may decide to move for a myriad of reasons, including employment opportunities, a new partner, or simply the wish to start a new life. Regardless of the reasons for moving, if parents cannot agree on matters of custody, the decision will go to a judge.

In Arizona, a judge will consider several factors in deciding the outcome of a custody dispute, which generally revolve around the well-being of the affected child:

  • The child’s preference to move or stay.
  • The motives of the parents, either in support or opposing the move, in addition to discerning whether a parent seeks to profit financially from a move.
  • The child’s quality of life if he or she were to move; including the emotional and developmental challenges of having a long-distance parent or sibling.
  • The child’s stability after relocation.
  • Whether the relocation will allow for parenting time with each parent.
  • Anything else that the court sees fit.

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A move-away case is often the most stressful, agonizing, and difficult experience that a parent may face. As a distant move can endanger the future relationship between a parent and his or her child, one should consult a professional, knowledgeable, and practiced attorney who knows the ins and outs of the law and who has experience protecting families. Attorney Hope Fruchtman has been serving families in her community as a Scottsdale family law attorney since 1995. Contact the Law Office of Hope E. Fruchtman today for more information on how to prevent an ex-spouse from relocating custody.