What Happens when my ex doesn’t follow our custody agreement?

custody agreement

Having a custody agreement finalized by a custody lawyer Scottsdale AZ is great, but you still have to worry about whether your ex will even comply or cooperate with it. What happens in this kind of situation?

What can be done to get my ex to follow the agreement?

There are a variety of ways that a parent can violate the terms of a custody agreement. For example, a parent may take the child from your home without your permission, or they may decide to keep the child for a longer span of time than they are allotted. They may also violate certain provisions in the agreement, such as, for instance, a parent only allowed to have custody of as child if they no longer drink alcohol, and continue to drink regardless.

In the event that the custody agreement has been violated, you have options available to you. Your first inclination may be to bring them to court, but that is not necessarily be the best idea, at least not if they do not have a history of this behavior anyway. Your first course of action should be to get in contact with your ex’s lawyer through a strongly worded letter sent by your own. This letter’s goal would be to communicate the issue, as well as your intent to escalate this should the issue not be rectified.

Arizona judges tend to avoid dropping one parent from the child’s life if they can help it, but sometimes it cannot be helped. If the judge finds in your favor, the other parent may face legal consequences. Custody agreements must go for 12 months before they can be modified, but if the situation is dire enough, an exception may be made.

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