What Factors Determine How Much Spousal Support I Receive?

spousal support

If you’re in the middle of a divorce in Arizona, you may be wondering about spousal support. Perhaps, you’d like to know just how much spousal support you could receive and what factors determine that amount. These are some of the factors that a judge or a Scottsdale divorce lawyer will look at to determine how much money you will receive in the proceedings.

The Length of Your Marriage

The first thing that the Arizona family law lawyer is going to look at is the length of time the two of you have been married. You’re more likely to get a generous amount of spousal support if you’ve been married longer than 10 years.

The Income of Both Spouses

The courts will also review the income of you and your spouse. They will look at who earns more money, and they will review each of your expenses to help them come up with a figure.

The Marital Standard of Living

A third aspect that the court will consider before it renders a decision is the marital standard of living. They will want to know the style of living that you’re accustomed to practicing. If you lived a lavish lifestyle throughout the course of the marriage, you might be able to continue that lifestyle. If your spouse paid most of the bills in the marriage, he or she might have to continue doing so until you remarry.

Other factors such as your emotional state and the ability for you to be self-sufficient will be considered in the case. A legal professional can help you examine your options to move forward.

Spousal support in Arizona is a complex situation. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to contact a divorce lawyer in Arizona, such as one from Fruchtman Law Firm to help you navigate the process of requesting it.