What Establishes My Rights as a Grandparent?

grandparents rights

As a grandparent, it brings much joy to be part of your grandchild’s life. While it is common for many children to freely spend time with their grandparents, there are instances where this has to be arranged by the family court. In these cases, a grandparent will have to establish their rights to be able to have visitation with their grandchild. Our Scottsdale AZ family attorney assist grandparents who want to create a plan that will allow them to have quality time with their grandchildren. The process to establish rights involves fulfilling the requirements of the court that shows the importance of having a relationship with your grandchild. Attorney Hope Fruchtman of the Fruchtman Law Firm can help you as you work to request a visitation plan from the family court. 

How to Establish Grandparent Rights
In order to establish your rights as a grandparent, there should be sufficient evidence that you play a significant role in your grandchild’s life. The first step is to provide information related to the nature of the relationship of the child with the parent. The marital status of the parents is also considered when a grandparent wishes to establish rights. The next step would be to show that it is in the best interest of the child for the grandparent to have visitation. The court will also want to know how the presence of the grandparent has an impact on the child’s relationship with the parent. It should also be shown that harm can result if the grandparent is denied visitation with the grandchild.  

Our Scottsdale AZ family attorney can explain the law regarding this process and ensure that you have provided sufficient evidence to support your claim. They can also let you know if the court needs more information from you.  Let Attorney Hope Fruchtman help you establish your rights as a grandparent. The professionals at the Fruchtman Law Firm are waiting to hear from you.