What Can Prevent Me From Getting Custody Of My Child?

Child custody

When you get a divorce, you and your spouse may be in a fight over who gets custody of your children. As a result, allegations may be made against you that you are an unfit parent, and thus should not be granted sole custody. Even if the allegations are not true, it is important you fight this battle to ensure your reputation remains intact and that you gain sole custody of your kids. When facing this serious situation, hire a divorce lawyer in Scottsdale AZ from the Fruchtman Law Firm

Evaluating an Unfit Parent In Arizona, the court will have evaluators assess numerous factors regarding unfit parenting. These include if the child has been exposed to dangerous situations while with a parent, such as being a passenger when a parent was a drunk driver. Other factors can be if either parent has a substance abuse problem, the child’s attitude toward both parents, and which parent would have the best mental and emotional capacity to raise the child in a safe, loving environment. Since you will need to be at your absolute best during these evaluations, work closely with your Scottsdale family law attorney to ensure all goes well. 

Proving a Parent is Unfit Should you believe your spouse is an unfit parent, there are several things you can do to strengthen your allegations. For example, if your spouse has a prior history of domestic violence or drug use, obtain police reports to show the court. Also, you can gather your child’s medical records, reports from Child Protective Services, and have expert witnesses to testify in court, such as therapists who suspect your child was a victim of sexual abuse. 

If you are alleging your spouse is unfit to parent or are in fact fighting such allegations yourself, consult immediately with a Scottsdale child custody attorney from the Fruchtman Law Firm.