What Can an Arizona Divorce Attorney Tell You About Your Divorce Options?

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At the Law Office of Hope E. Fruchtman, we understand how stressful it is when you start planning a divorce. On top of the emotional upheaval you are probably feeling right now, you might also feel confused, scared and overwhelmed. Do you have any options other than a litigated divorce process? Will a judge still intervene if you think you and your spouse can agree on divorce terms amicably?

Fortunately, people have options today that can allow them to customize their divorce, which in turn can greatly lessen the stress surrounding this difficult time. Here, we’ll give you a brief explanation of the options you might consider with an Arizona divorce attorney, as well as possible reasons for choosing a court divorce.

Mediation and collaborative law are also known as “uncontested” divorce. This does not necessarily mean that you won’t have any conflict during the process, but you and your spouse may be able to iron out your differences without a divorce court judge making decisions for you. During mediation, a neutral third party will sit down with you and your spouse. This person may make suggestions to help you both come up with terms you can agree with. In collaborative law, you will both have your own Arizona divorce attorney, and you may also involve other professionals to help you with complex matters, such as child therapists or financial advisors.

Uncontested divorce works best if you and your spouse are willing to treat each other civilly and keep an open mind about each other’s wishes and needs. However, your interests may be best protected through litigation if your spouse was violent, abused alcohol or other substances, or if you feel intimidated by him or her. If you are at a significant disadvantage financially, taking your concerns to a judge may also be the better option.

These decisions are not ones to be taken lightly. It can help to speak with an Arizona divorce attorney about your situation so you can both come up with the divorce option that’s best for you.