Tips on how to Reconnect with an Estranged Child

Reconnect with an Estranged ChildA parent estranged from a child is not a new phenomenon. The family unit is subjected to many pressures including divorce, social problems and financial issues; some of these factors may lead to rifts in family relationships. Whatever the reasons for alienation between parent and child, differences need to be resolved in a productive way. With a divorce lawyer Scottsdale, residents can rely on is one who understands family dynamics and the nuances of family law.

Reconnecting with a Young Child

Young children have very little control over adult relationships. Often, they become unintended pawns in divorce. It is important for non-custodial parents to continue to have a presence in children’s lives. This includes attending special events, scheduling regular visitation and spending quality time with their children.

If geographical distance or marital strife limits physical contact, the absentee parent can establish a paper trail by remembering birthdays, special events and even non-occasions. Pricey presents are not required, but a heartfelt message to mark an important milestone in the child’s life will go a long way in making your presence felt.

Reconnecting with Older and Adult Children

The roles are somewhat reversed when dealing with adolescent and grown up children. These individuals have formed their own opinion of the estrangement. Adult children may be set in their ways, having spent their formative years without the non-custodial parent. In these cases, reach out as one adult to another. Opt for non-confrontational occasions and casual bonding moments on the golf course or over dinner.

Approach your estranged child cautiously at first, avoiding any moves that may be misconstrued as heavy-handed or manipulative. Keep the initial contacts friendly, and be sensitive to your child’s responsiveness to your overtures. It may be necessary to back off and slow down if your estranged child feels overwhelmed.

Seek Professional Intermediaries

Reconnecting after a period of estrangement can be an emotional minefield. A Scottsdale divorce attorney locals trust can act as a neutral intermediary to ease the initial steps. Additionally, local professionals like Woodward, Pires and Lombardo can walk you through the legal aspects of reuniting with estranged family members. This full-service firm will support your efforts to rebuild family relationships by acting as go-between, umpire and legal adviser with many years of experience in family law and socio-dynamics.