Tips for a Fair Divorce Hearing

divorce hearingDivorce cases can be difficult and complicated. Because emotions are often high, divorce cases can be high in conflict. To ensure that you have a fair divorce and that your interests are protected, you should contact the Scottsdale AZ divorce attorneys from Fruchtman Law Firm. Following are some tips to increase your chances of having a fair divorce hearing.
1. Be thorough and precise
When presenting your case to the court, you will want to provide complete details. This will include documents and other evidence to prove your position. The information you present to the court should be clear and concise, so the court understands your point.2. Gather and organize evidence
To prevent a case from being a “he-said, she-said” situation where a judge has to decide which person to believe, you should have sufficient information available to support your position. You can gather relevant information and documents through discovery requests, public records requests, subpoenas and other legal tools.

3. Understand the applicable laws, rules and procedures
Divorce cases and governed by certain laws, rules and procedures. It is important that you understand these so you can ensure your own compliance and also make sure the other side plays by the rules. These laws, rules and procedures are intended to ensure that there are no surprises, so you should be well versed in how they apply to your case.

4. Be professional
Divorce courts are used to iseeing drama and conflict. If you act in a respectful and professional manner, then it will help you earn the respect of the court. This can help your case as the judge determines how to decide various issues.

5. Seek representation from an attorney
Scottsdale AZ divorce attorneys can represent you in a divorce and provide you with legal advice that is specific to your situation. Attorney Hope Fruchtman is experienced and knows how to best present a case. For assistance with your divorce, contact Attorney Hope Fruchtman and the team at Fruchtman Law Firm.