Terminating Parental Rights: What to Do Next

man holding his daughterWhen a case to terminate a parent’s rights is brought before a judge in family court, this petition is taken very seriously. When a parent’s rights are terminated, they can no longer make any decisions regarding the child, do not have any obligations to the child, and is removed from the birth certificate. Judges want a child to have the love and support from both parents, but if there are certain factors present, the rights can be terminated to protect the child from harm. A family law firm in Scottsdale can further advise on this process and how the petition can be initiated for this purpose.

At Fruchtman Law Firm, our Scottsdale AZ family lawyers know the factors a judge will consider when making a final decision on this request. A request to terminate a parent’s rights usually can’t be made on one’s own behalf, but can come from the other parent, a guardian, or close relative. The Department of Family Services can also make this request once they have been working with a family for an extended time and they have not made necessary changes for the well-being of the child. The following is a list of common reasons why a parent’s rights are terminated:

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect
  • Unfit parenting
  • Risk of physical, emotional, or mental injury
  • Sexual assault

Scottsdale AZ family lawyers will work with the petitioning parent to gather the extensive evidence that is needed to prove why the other parent should no longer have their rights. Furthermore, a family law firm in Scottsdale will show the negative impact that will be had on the child if this person is allowed to make decisions for them.

The Fruchtman Law Firm understands the complexity of these cases and can offer the legal advice you need to protect your child. Contact us for a consultation on the next steps.