Terminating Parental Rights? How We Can Help

Terminating Parental RightsYou want what is best for your child. You may have agreed to share custody with your former spouse; but, you are still obligated to protect your son or daughter from all danger—even from that which comes from the other parent.

Seeking to terminate parental rights is a significant action to take. However, it may be necessary if your ex leads an unhealthy lifestyle or has gotten themselves into a situation that makes it impossible for them to parent.

If you believe you need to take this step, you should first retain the services of a Scottsdale family law attorney. The Fruchtman Law Firm and Attorney Hope Fruchtman have helped a great many parents in your situation. She will give you the advice and legal representation you need to get through it.

You will need to establish sound reasons for terminating parental rights. Here are a few of the most common grounds for such a termination:


If your ex has ceased all contact with your child and has left you no way to get in touch with them, you can file a motion to terminate their parental rights.


The mental and physical abuse of your child is unacceptable. If you have substantive proof that your ex abuses your child, then you can seek to have their parental rights terminated

Substance Abuse 

Your child should not be exposed to illegal drugs. If you can prove that your former spouse is a drug addict or drug dealer, you can petition to have their parental rights terminated.

Excessively Long Prison Sentence 

If your ex has been sent to prison for life without the possibility of parole or they have received the death penalty, there is no reasonable hope that they will be able to establish a healthy relationship with your child. You can have their rights as a parent terminated on these grounds.

At the Fruchtman Law Firm, our Scottsdale family law attorney that can help you work through these issues and do what is best for your child. Contact Attorney Fruchtman today to begin your case.