Spousal Maintenance: What Does That Include?

SPOUSAL MAINTENANCEAlimony, which in Arizona is known as spousal maintenance, pertains to the financial support of a former wife or husband. Anyone involved in this often complex issue will need legal help to ensure that the case is both valid and has been properly handled. This type of assistance can be obtained from the Fruchtman Law Firm.

The Concept of Spousal Maintenance
After a divorce or legal separation, a court may require the spouse who has greater wealth or income to provide financial assistance to the other. However, it will have to determined whether a spouse is entitled to such assistance. The amount that will be provided and the duration of the support must then be established. In order to qualify for support, the spouse seeking assistance must fall into one of the following categories:

•The person has insufficient property
•The person is unemployed or unable to work
•The person is caring for a minor child
•The person is to old to be self-sufficient

Scottsdale AZ family law attorneys are available help those on both sides of the issue. Attorney Hope Fruchtman is devoted to the many aspects that comprise family law and has considerable experience in the specific area of spousal maintenance.

Specific Issues to Consider
In cases that are considered valid, it must be determined whether the support will continue over an indefinite period of time or only until the spouse needing assistance can obtain the education and experience needed to become self-sustaining. Scottsdale AZ family law attorneys are available to work out these and other important factors.

Seeking Legal Assistance
Attorney Hope Fruchtman will provide the advice and representation that will be needed throughout the legal process. This is why those involved in spousal maintenance issues should consider a consultation with the Fruchtman Law Firm.