Spousal Maintenance Case Do’s and Don’ts

spousal support

The divorce process is a frustrating experience for many couples who find it necessary to separate. Not only are there always individual emotional issues, but the fact that married couples are also a legal partnership can make the separation confusing. This is especially true with respect to spousal support, which is not like child support regarding duty to pay. Many married couples vary significantly in personal wealth when entering into a marriage, and many marriages also include prenuptial agreements that preclude any spousal support claims. The couple are merely contracting agents in this respect before the marriage is legally effective. These types of technicalities are exactly why it is important to have experienced family lawyers in Scottsdale Arizona like Fruchtman Law Firm representing your case.

Each Case is Unique

It is important for divorcing spouses to understand that spousal support is not a responsibility such as child support. Parents have a legal responsibility to dependent children until they become adults. Spouses are already adults, and spousal support is a financial element of a divorce proceeding that is part of the decree. If the divorcing parties cannot agree on a support level, the court can intervene based on income levels and standard of living during the marriage. This makes each case unique when the financial aspects of a divorce are considered. 

What a Family Law Professional Can Do

A family law professional like attorney Hope Fruchtman can evaluate all financial aspects of a family division and determine what level of spousal support is commensurate based on income and asset levels. Not only can spouses be awarded up to half of a family’s acquired property, including money and retirement benefits, but a spousal support allotment can be included as well. This payment is usually included in the divorce mediation discussions and is a component of an enforceable binding contract between the divorcing parties. 

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