Recognizing the warning signs of domestic violence

warning signs of domestic violence

Generally speaking, most people find that domestic violence a topic they simply do not like to talk about. Often, shame is attached to domestic violence. The abused partner in the relationship blames their behavior on igniting the abuse. The distressing fact is that millions of women and men are in abusive relationships. It might be a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or other family member. Generally, the abuser is a controller in the marriage or any type of personal relationship. The abuser uses the behavior to control his partner. Recognizing the warning signs of domestic violence is key to ending domestic violence and leaving the relationship. This is where an experienced AZ divorce attorney can help.

Recognizing Domestic Violence Warning Signs
Often, the abuser’s goal is to control the situation. The abuser might start out by simply yelling at his partner, spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. They may threaten their partner with physical violence, scream, or throw things around the home. The abuse escalates and the abuser starts pushing, shoving, and/or slapping their partner around violently. Generally, the violent behavior is triggered by the most innocent situations.

Signs Your Partner Is An Abuser
Domestic violence varies. Still, there are several similarities to note. Here are a few signs that your significant other is an abuser and that you are in a domestic violence relationship.

  • Your partner calls you derogatory names in front of others
  • Exhibits frightening behavior
  • Controls your life
  • Insist you end relationships with friends and family
  • Controls your money, spending, and paycheck
  • Makes all the decisions in the relationship
  • Threatens to hurt or kill you
  • Destroys your personal belongings
  • Denies abusing you
  • Threatens you with weapons

The sobering fact is that arguments happen in just about every personal relationship. However, domestic violence is not a characteristic of a loving relationship. It’s important to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence and get out of the relationship before disaster strikes. It’s time to end the abuse by calling a Scottsdale divorce attorney to discuss your options. The Law Office of Hope E. Fruchtman is here for you.