Reasons to increase child support payments

Modifying Child Support Payments is Possible 

child support

An increase in child support payments can be achieved under appropriate circumstances. The Fruchtman Law Firm has an Arizona family law attorney that can help resolve divorce and child support disputes. 

When the non-custodial parent is not agreeable to increasing the payments, it may be necessary to return to court and request a modification of the child support order. A court will consider changes in circumstances, including educational or housing needs, medical or nutritional needs, need for daycare, healthcare issues, and extracurricular activities. 

Changes in the parents’ life may also merit an increase. For example, a parent may lose employment, have another child, become disabled, undergo medical procedures, be incarcerated, or go into military service. A significant increase in the non-custodial parent may trigger increasing the child support payment in order to maintain the same standard of living for the child with both parents. 

A modification to an existing child support arrangement can be negotiated between the parents. However, they must document the change in a new order and submit it to the court for approval. 

In general, child support must be proven as necessary for the custodial parent. Similarly, any modification of the child support order must be documented with evidence. In calculating child support, the court will consider the number of children, the present income and earning potential of the parents, and the relative time spent with each parent. 

When parents are unable to agree on custody and child support, litigation may be necessary to resolve these issues. Legal representation can help a parent through this delicate and complicated legal process, especially when a divorce is involved. A Scottsdale child support lawyer can help families resolve these legal disputes. A Scottsdale Arizona attorney from the Fruchtman Law Firm can analyze every element of the divorce settlement and simplify the process.