Pros and Cons Behind Verbal Custody Agreements in Arizona

sad little boy with his quarreling parents

Separation and divorce are stressful when it involves kids. They add a complicated layer of child support and custody to an emotional process.

The parents must negotiate and come up with agreements about everything including aspects involving kids. This includes schedules, child care help, and how the family is going to deal with the new arrangement.

When parents agree, it makes for a pleasant situation for all parties. It’s better for the kids and reduces the financial and emotional stress of separation and divorce. Attorney Hope Fruchtman can add an extra layer of assurance by getting that commitment in writing.

Why Should I Get My Verbal Custody Agreement in Writing?

People are finicky. The most well-intentioned person can cause pain when things aren’t going as planned. This is one of the reasons it’s important to get verbal custody agreements in writing here in Arizona.

Types of Written Custody Agreement

Custody agreement and consent order make it easier for parents to maintain stability for the child. In the event something goes wrong, it makes it easier to rein in the offending parent.

In custody agreement, it’s pretty straightforward to negotiate and draft a basic Scottsdale child custody agreement:

  • Parents put their agreed-on terms in writing
  • Sign in before the notary

Another type of parental written agreement is the consent order. It’s like a custody agreement but it’s done through the courts. Child custody lawyers Scottsdale AZ can make this process significantly easier.

This option gives the courts the power to intervene from the beginning. You won’t have to deal with legal inconveniences if the other parent doesn’t stick to their word. Your Scottsdale child custody agreement attorney can help. No matter which option you choose, make sure you get it in writing. It’s even better when parents draft the custody agreement with a lawyer. Here at Fruchtman Law Firm, an Arizona verbal custody agreement attorney can help you pick the best option for your family situation.