Prenupt Agreements 101

Prenupt AgreementsPrenuptial agreements, or premarital agreements have an interesting reputation because of the forward approach to potential disintegration of a marriage. Some people are under the impression that prenuptial agreements expect a marriage to fail. This article is written with the intention to illuminate a few basic principles and features behind “prenupts”.


As implied in the name, a prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage or civil union. There are also postnuptial agreements that are contracted after marriage. While the content varies greatly, the main parameters cover division of property, and spousal support in the event of a separation. Specified terms of forfeiture based on the grounds of separation can also be applied. Some mixed families or even couples that expect children commonly include terms of child support as well. Your Scottsdale divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Hope E. Fruchtman.


Premarital mediation is an alternative method of creating the agreement. Your Arizona family lawyer helps mediate an open discussion about marital issues such as expectations regarding work after children, saving and spending habits, as well as traditional terms regarding potential separation, and other common issues facing new couples. During mediation, a deal memo or prenuptial agreement is drafted by a Phoenix divorce attorney and reviewed with the couple. This process is often favored over a traditional prenuptial agreement because all of the decisions are made together, not one side against the other.


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