Paternity Case Do’s and Don’ts

paternity  caseIf you are involved in a paternity case, there are things you can do to improve your position on the case. Similarly, there are mistakes that you should avoid during the course of your case. For legal advice about what to do and what not to during your paternity case, contact Attorney Hope Fruchtman and the Fruchtman Law Firm.

What should you do in a paternity case?
In your paternity case, doing the following things will make the process more efficient and improve your chances of receiving a favorable result:

  • Understand the law and how it applies to your situation
  • Comply with any and all court orders that are issued
  • Try to maintain a consistent relationship with the child
  • Abstain from using illegal substances and committing crimes
  • Consult with Scottsdale paternity lawyers

For more specific advice about what you should do in your particular circumstances, contact our family law firm in Scottsdale AZ.

What should you not do in your paternity case?
Some common mistakes that can make a paternity case more difficult include:

  • Ignoring court orders and other directives
  • Engaging in criminal activities
  • Using drugs
  • Failing to maintain contact with your child
  • Posting or sending inappropriate messages on social media or via text
  • Representing yourself in the case

Why should you contact an attorney to help with your paternity case?
Scottsdale paternity lawyers can provide legal representation and help you understand how the law applies to your case. By working with a family law firm in Scottsdale AZ and following our advice, you will increase the chances of success with your case.

Contact Attorney Hope Fruchtman and the Fruchtman Law Firm for assistance with your paternity case.