Parental Alienation: What To Do If It Happens to You

parents arguing infront of their kid

While not every divorce is a messy one, tempers can certainly flare when there are children involved. It is natural for either parent to vent about the other one but some may make the wrong decision and vent to the child caught up in the divorce. This is known as “parental alienation” and it can be very harmful to the child. If this type of alienation is occurring, it may be time to speak to a divorce attorney in Arizona.

Parental alienation is fairly easy to spot. Some of the more common telltale signs that a parent is exposing a child to this type of behavior are:

1. if a child has unfounded negative attitudes toward one of the parents. This could mean that the other parent is telling the childhood falsehoods. This is something of which a Scottsdale Arizona Attorney should be aware.

2. Another example that, unfortunately, occurs all too often is one parent removing the parent from any contact forms or other emergency forms the child’s school may offer. If this is occurring to you, most experts agree that a divorce lawyer in Arizona should be consulted.

Getting advice from an attorney on this subject matter is crucial because a lengthy exposure to this kind of behavior can have a definite adverse effect on the child or children. One thing the attorney can do is petition the court to have the offending parent enroll in therapy sessions. This can show the parent that their behavior is a negative approach to dealing with the divorce. They can then alter their behavior into something more positive.

If you are going through a divorce and experiencing negative actions toward your child from the ex-spouse, contact attorneys who are reputable such as those found at Fruchtman Law Firm. They can make divorce proceedings much easier to deal with versus trying to navigate the situation on your own.