My Spouse Doesn’t Want to Divorce: What Will My Case Look Like?

spouse doesn't want a divorce

You tried to keep your marriage together but could not do so. Many things may be driving you toward divorce. But the process is even harder if you are the only one who sees it. If you want to divorce but your spouse does not, it could lead to difficulties. Their refusal will not stop the dissolution of the marriage, but it could drag things out much longer than necessary. 

The last thing you should do is harangue or try to bully your spouse into accepting the divorce. That is likely to make things worse. You should instead hire a divorce lawyer in Scottsdale AZ and allow them to take charge of matters. 

An experienced divorce attorney in Scottsdale AZ will have probably encountered such a situation before and will know how to manage it. These matters can be delicate, but a Scottsdale AZ divorce lawyer knows how to be at once gentle and firm. 

If you have made up your mind about the divorce, then you should take a decisive step toward it and move out. Once the two of you are separated, you should leave all communication with your spouse to your attorney. Your lawyer can send a letter stating that you have retained their services and that you are dedicated to a non-aggressive divorce process. 

Your lawyer will then file a Summons with the court so that divorce action can proceed. In the best-case scenario, your spouse will respond to the letters sent to them, hire an attorney of their own, and begin negotiations over the divorce settlement. In the worst case, your spouse will continue to deny the reality of the divorce and will be left powerless to fight for their own interests as your attorney takes the legal actions necessary to finalize the dissolution of the marriage. 

If you have decided on divorce, you should speak to a Scottsdale AZ divorce attorney at the Fruchtman Law Firm.