Minor Guardianship: What You Need to Expect

minor guardianshipWhen a minor child’s parents are unable to act in the child’s best interest, it may be necessary to obtain a minor guardianship. There are specific procedures and laws that apply to a minor guardianship, so it is important to ensure that these are followed. A Scottsdale AZ family lawyer can provide legal advice and representation to help you pursue or challenge a minor guardianship.
What does a minor guardianship involve?
To pursue a minor guardianship, a person who is interested in the welfare of the child files a petition with the court seeking to appoint either themselves or some other person as the child’s legal guardian. The parents of the child must be given notice of the request and provided with an opportunity to be heard in the matter.

To grant a request for a minor guardianship, the court must find that there are grounds for the guardianship and that it is in the child’s best interest. Some grounds for a minor guardianship may include abuse, neglect, abandonment, addiction, and instability.

The court may appoint independent third parties to investigate certain facts related to the minor guardianship and to make a recommendation as to what outcome is in the child’s best interest.

How long does a guardianship last?
If a minor guardianship has been ordered by the court, it may be modified or terminated if doing so would be in the child’s best interest. Parental rights are highly protected by the United States Constitution, so parents are given opportunities to be heard.

How can an attorney help?
A Scottsdale AZ family lawyer from the Law Office of Hope Fruchtman can help you pursue, challenge, modify or terminate a minor guardianship. We can help you understand the law and your rights. If you need assistance with a minor guardianship or have questions, then contact the Law Office of Hope Fruchtman to schedule an appointment.