Legal Documents You Need to Share With Your Divorce Attorney in Scottsdale AZ

divorce documents

Getting ready for divorce is stressful and complicated, no matter how often you’ve been through it. The process of getting a divorce in Arizona can be even more difficult than in other states because Arizona has such a complex legal system.

Luckily, you don’t have to navigate this system by yourself. The Fruchtman Law Firm of Scottsdale, AZ, has years of experience helping Arizonans navigate the legal system and get the most favorable outcome for their situation.

Gathering Your Documents

One of the first steps your divorce lawyer will ask you to take is to gather all of your important documents. But what exactly is essential? That depends on your situation.

We’ve listed some of the standard documents a divorce attorney will request:

●    Income

Your income is essential in determining how much you receive from your marital property during your divorce.

Your attorney will ask for documents that show your current income, such as your pay stubs and tax returns. They may also ask for documents that show your income histories, such as your W-2s and 1099s. There’s also a request for copies of your spouse’s income statements.

●    Real Estate

Your attorney may want to ask you for unique real estate documents. They might ask for deeds, mortgage documents, and other documents showing your marriage’s real estate stake.

They may also request copies of your spouse’s real estate documents, such as deeds and mortgage documents, to help them determine how much of your marital property is under the protection of Arizona’s community property laws.

●    Joint Financial Accounts

Your attorney will ask to see any bank accounts you have that are jointly held, as well as any shared investments and retirement accounts.

●    Life Insurance

Arizona’s Community Property Laws protect a significant portion of your marital assets. Part of this means that your attorney will ask to see any life insurance policies you have and any life insurance policies your spouse has that are jointly held.

●    Marital Debt

You must have your critical documents that show your marital assets to the marriage, such as your joint credit cards and loans. You and your spouse may also need to present evidence of your separate debts, such as student loans.

●    Pension Funds

Your attorney will want to see any pensions you are eligible to receive from your former spouse, such as your spouse’s retirement accounts. They will also ask to see any pension funds you are eligible to receive from your current employer, such as your 401(k)s.

If you and your spouse have children, your attorney will also want to see any qualified retirement accounts the children are eligible to receive, such as your spouse’s 401(k)s or IRA.

●    Vehicles Owned

You’ll need to provide your title or ownership card for each vehicle you own. You’ll also need to provide your spouse’s title or ownership card for a jointly owned vehicle. This includes cars in your name that you and your spouse purchased.

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney

If you’re ready to start your divorce process, we recommend calling Scottsdale divorce attorney Hope Fruchtman. She’s a brilliant, hard-working attorney who will get to know you and your situation. She’s the personal divorce attorney Scottsdale AZ that you’ll need. She can help you gather your documents and determine the next steps in your case.