Keeping Divorce Gossip Contained


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There’s no way to stop the word from spreading. The moment you tell one person about an impending divorce, the news will leak through all your social circles. Whether it’s your supposedly professional work environment, the seemingly pious church group, or your trusted friends and family, somehow everyone will be talking about it. Soon, you’ll find yourself fielding questions from well-meaning acquaintances.

When addressing these comments, it can be tempting to air your side so you don’t look like the bad guy. But every detail that you share will stoke the gossip fires and send another wave around the community. Questioners will also play on your emotions, offering solidarity and trying to connect with your experiences. Resist this! Keep an answer on your lips, such as, “It’s been challenging, but I’m getting by. Thanks for your support.” After answering, be sure to close the door for follow-up questions by asking them something specific that will distract them. An open-ended question like “How are you?” is not good; “Do you have any summer trips planned?” will give you follow-up topics.

Ultimately, though, divorce gossip will happen. The fewer details that you let escape, the sooner it will die down. However, you can’t always control what your spouse shares. If he or she is airing dirty laundry, accurate or not, remember that there’s no need to correct everything or mudsling in return. Your reputation will recover, especially if you keep your head high.
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