Keeping your divorce on good terms

divorce on good termsWith horrible figures regarding divorce today, it might be a bit of a grim surprise when you find yourself looking up Scottsdale divorce lawyer. A divorce is never pleasant, but you can make it easier on yourself and everyone around you if you are willing to keep a few points in mind.


Speak Calmly

Depending on why the divorce is happening, it is very tempting to just shout at your spouse and keep on shouting. However, the thing to remember is that the louder you speak, the less gets done and the less people pay attention to you. Instead, keep it calm and always make sure that you consider how polite you are being.


Not In Front of the Kids

If you have kids, remember that they are confused and at a loss as to what is going on. If the divorce did not involve abuse, remember that there is only so much your kids ever need to know. Do not tell them all about how the other parent was in the wrong. The other parent will likely still have an impact on the child’s life. Be fair, but also remember that it is perfectly okay to say that the divorce occurred because of “grown-up stuff” that they do not have to worry about


Avoid One Another

Once you have the paper work out of the way and things are settled with the Phoenix divorce attorney,  law has no interest in what else you do together. It is hard to break the habits of a lifetime, and you will certain miss them from time to time, but a certain amount of out of sight and out of mind can help you a great deal. Do not follow your ex to their work place, do not try to force a confrontation unless you specifically need to.


It is possible to get out of a divorce relatively sanely, so just hold tight and take care of yourself. Keep your interactions limited if you can, and always be polite.