Is Divorce Mediation right for us?

divorce mediation

When a couple decides to divorce, they face an entirely new world of emotions and legal complications. One way for couples to navigate this process is by divorce mediation. Let’s look at what divorce mediation is and how it can help divorcing couples get through the process more smoothly. At Fruchtman Law Firm, we see divorce mediation as a reliable tool to help people get through the divorce process far quicker than traditional routes.

Divorce Mediation: A Plausible Tool

Divorce mediation is a process that involves both parties negotiating the details of the divorce without going to court. The mediator’s primary goal is to create an agreement between both parties. It’s often less expensive and less time-consuming than going through a traditional divorce court proceeding. Once the mediation is over, both parties should have an agreement that both parties can agree on. Mediation is much more affordable and helps the divorcing couple work together to help decide solutions.

How to Know if Divorce Mediation is the Best Solution

You may want to do divorce mediation if:

  • You and your spouse are not openly hostile towards one another.
  • Your divorce is amicable, but you want a neutral third party to help guide the process.
  • Both of you have strong communication skills that can be used during mediation sessions.
  • Neither side has a significant advantage in terms of money or property.
  • You are looking for a less expensive and quicker process than going along traditional routes.
  • You and the other party are interested in settling things as quickly as possible.

Mediation allows both of you to work out any matters you otherwise may not see eye-to-eye. Subjects up for discussion include property, assets and debt division, and custody issues.

How Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Scottsdale AZ Help

Mediation is always a better route to travel down in the divorce process when two parties cannot agree. Having a lawyer on your side means letting the lawyer speak on your behalf if you find it difficult to remain composed. With the lawyer accompanying you, it can take attention off you if you find the other party may be using the mediation proceedings to torment you. The Scottsdale divorce mediation lawyers may think of some out-of-the-box solutions neither of you would have thought of your own, helping the process along.

With a divorce attorney in Scottsdale on your side, it’s almost like having a collaborative business meeting. Tensions can be lower, and the tone and topic of conversations can stay on track.

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