In Loco Parents: What Are Your Rights?

loco parentsRegardless of your relationship with your children’s other parent, you have rights as a mom or dad that cannot be violated under the law. You can gain access to your children and exercise your rights as a parent by hiring the Fruchtman Law Firm to represent you in your custodial or child support case today.

Access to Your ChildrenĀ 

Under the state law, you are entitled to access to your children. As long as you are not considered to be a safety or flight risk to your children, you have the right to visit and spend time with them equally with the other parent.

When the other parent is not giving you access to your children or violating the visitation rights established by the court, you can have your Scottsdale family law attorney petition the judge for a new visitation order. The other parent may be found in contempt of court. He or she may also lose custody of the children in extreme cases of neglect or interference.

Support for Your ChildrenĀ 

You also have the right as a custodial parent to financial support for your children. When you have been awarded sole or physical custody of the children, the other parent is obligated by law to pay a fair and affordable amount of child support to you.

The support order also takes into consideration the amount of income you earn as well as expenses you pay for the children. The Fruchtman Law Firm can ensure the amount of support paid to you is on par with what the children are entitled to and what the other parent can reasonably pay on a monthly basis.

Even if you are not married to your children’s other parent, you still have rights as a mother or father. You can make sure your rights are protected under the law by hiring a Scottsdale family law attorney to represent you in your custodial or support case. Contact our office today to begin building your defense.