In Loco Parentis: What It Is and Why You Need a Lawyer

in loco parentisWhen a child is not in the parent’s direct care, it may be unclear who is responsible for the child at that time. Even in school settings or in after care programs, there is someone that has a legal duty to the child. These instances when a child is away from their parents show that it is important to have them under the care of a responsible individual at all times. In loco parentis translates to “in place of parent”, meaning that the adult that the child is with acts as the child’s parent and is expected to offer a certain level of care. In the event that an incident occurs when a child is away from the parent, the law of this concept must be upheld. A Scottsdale AZ family law attorney can be of great assistance in these matters. The Fruchtman Law Firm is a family dispute law firm in Scottsdale that can help hold adults caring for your child responsible. Attorney Hope Fruchtman specializes in in loco parentis and can help you navigate this complex concept.

It may be easy for an individual to dismiss a certain occurrence because they are not your child’s parent. However, as a trusted teacher, camp counselor, or after care staff member, it is their duty to treat each child as a parent would. They are responsible for providing adequate supervision to ensure a safe environment for the children they are looking after. It is important to work with a Scottsdale AZ family law attorney because they will know how the law applies to your situation and how to explain to the caregiver. Furthermore, a family dispute law firm in Scottsdale can represent you and your family in court should the need arise.

Attorney Hope Fruchtman wants to make sure that your child is well-supervised when you are not around. Contact the Fruchtman Law Firm to work on your side for the well-being of your child.