Importance of Parenting Time

parenting timeThere are numerous studies that outline the importance of a child receiving access to both parents. Removing one parent from children when they provide a healthy, loving relationship can prove detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the child. However, in the event of divorce, parents often attempt to obtain full custody of their child, for one reason or another. It is in the best interest of not only both parents but of the children as well to receive access and time with one another. This can go along way in improving the overall quality of life for each individual.

In the event of divorce and child custody, a parent needs to go after the very best representation possible. Hope E. Fruchtman is one of the top Scottsdale family law attorney provides in all of metro Phoenix. So, no matter the case, when it comes to family time and parental representation, this is the attorney parents need to turn to.

As nearly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, there are often children involved. Unless the couple has put of having children or they are early on in their marriage (or on the flip side, decades into it), child custody is one of the most important battles anyone will fight.

Hopefully, parents can agree on equal time with their children. This way, parents have the ability to connect with their child and spend the same amount of time with them. However, when this agreement is not possible, it can become an incredibly nasty endeavor for both parties. To avoid this kind of issue and to make sure a parent receives what is best for not only them but their child, Hope E. Fruchtman is able to help. The attorney can provide assistance in all forms of family law around Scottsdale.