How Using Marijuana Can Affect Your Child Custody Case

marijuana leaves

Marijuana has, for a very long time, had a bad reputation. Many people labeled it as a gateway drug that led to the use of harder drugs. However, the public perception of marijuana has changed as of late and it is now viewed as a valid form of medicine. Some people are even approving of its use as a recreational drug, similar to alcohol. However, this does not mean you should be lax about it if you have a child custody case with a Scottsdale child custody lawyer coming up.

In Arizona, marijuana is legal for the purposes of medicine. To be legal, you must have a medical marijuana card. This needs to be applied for and you could get more information if it is legal for you to use it from Fruchtman Law Firm. Recreational marijuana use is defined as someone using it to strictly “get high.” As of this point in time, recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state of Arizona.

Recreational marijuana use can certainly have a negative effect on your child custody case. If you are currently using marijuana in a recreational fashion, it is highly advised to contact an Arizona family law lawyer. They will advise you to stop and what to do if you have been using it in front of your child or children.

Since casual marijuana use is illegal in Arizona at this point in time, the simple fact you are using can actually result in the family law judge ruling against you and revoking any rights you have to visit your children. The judge may also rule that you enroll in a drug rehabilitation program before visitation can begin again. This is not only inconvenient, but can be expensive as well. Consult with a Arizona family law attorney before it’s too late.