How to Make the Most of Your Parenting Time

parenting timeWhen parents are separated and share custody, it is important to make the most of your parenting time. This is important for your children and the development of their relationship with you. By valuing your parenting time, you can potentially pursue modification of your child custody order in the future. For advice related to your parenting time and custody issues, contact the Scottsdale AZ family law attorneys at Fruchtman Law Firm.

How to make the most of your parenting time?
When you have parenting time with your children, take time to focus on the child. Avoid distractions that will divert your time and attention away from your children. You should make an effort to pay attention to your children and their interests. By focusing your time and attention on your children, your bond with them will improve.

When you have parenting time, be sure to spend time doing enjoyable activities, while also taking opportunities to parent and raise your child. This will help your relationship develop and your children will trust and appreciate you more.

Can parenting time be modified?
If your parenting time schedule is part of a court order, then it may be modified if circumstances change. Our child custody lawyers in Scottsdale can assess your situation to determine if a modification action may be pursued.

Our Scottsdale AZ family law attorneys can provide legal advice to help you maximize your parenting time and to potentially increase the amount of time that you receive. We can discuss with you different options and resources that may be available. If you have questions or issues related to child custody, then we can help you know what to do.

Our child custody lawyers in Scottsdale at the Fruchtman Law Firm are experienced and knowledgeable in child custody law and common issues that arise. Contact us for legal advice and representation.