How to Make the Most of Parenting Time

parenting timeParents who are separated may struggle with making the most of parenting time with the children. Because parenting time is sometimes limited, it is important to spend quality time to bond with your children.
Way to make the most of parenting time
Following are a few suggestions to maximize the benefits of parenting time with your children.

1) Participate in activities with the children–your parenting time is a great opportunity to make memories and have fun. Find out what things your children enjoy doing and make efforts to engage in those activities.

2) Take time to communicate–talk with your kids. Find out what is going on in their lives and what they are passionate about. Be genuinely interested in what they say and let them know that you care.

3) Provide structure and routine–although it may be tempting to be the “fun” parent, it is important to provide appropriate structure and routine for the children. By communicating with the other parent, you can try to coordinate schedules, routines and discipline tactics. Consistency is important for your children.

4) Do not speak negatively about the other parent–regardless of how you may feel about the other parent, they are still the mother or father of your children. Avoid saying or doing things that may influence your children’s feelings about their other parent. Be supportive of their relationship with them.

5) Avoid distractions–put away your electronic devices and other distractions. It means a lot to a child to know that you are giving them your full and complete attention. Arrange your schedule in such a way that distractions or schedule conflicts will be minimized.

Can you modify parenting time?
If there are issues with your current custody arrangement, then you may be able to modify the schedule. A family lawyer in Scottsdale AZ can help you with this process. A family lawyer in Scottsdale AZ will provide helpful legal advice about your parenting time.

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