How to Keep a Separation Agreement Fair During the Holidays for Your Children

separation agreementIf you and your spouse are planning to separate, one of your main focuses in on the children and how you both will be able to spend time with them. This can especially be an area of concern when holidays are considered. When you choose to separate, a separation agreement is created to document how the shared aspects of your life will be handled going forward. A family law firm in Scottsdale AZ can help in this matter. Scottsdale separation attorneys will take the wants of each person into consideration as they draft a separation agreement. Attorney Hope Fruchtman of the Fruchtman Law Firm will guide you through this process to create an agreement both parties agree on.

Fairness In Holiday Time In A Separation Agreement
When a separation agreement is being created, it is important to be fair, especially when deciding on how time will be spent with the children. There are many ways this can be done to accommodate both the parents and children. Scottsdale separation attorneys can show you a number of possibilities that can work for you. Many people will commonly opt to alternate years for holidays like Christmas. They may even choose to have the children with one parent each Thanksgiving and the other each Christmas. The important thing is to make it as balanced as possible and lawyers at a family law firm in Scottsdale AZ can help.

Attorney Hope Fruchtman will work with each parent so that their views are heard. When the time spent between two parents is fair and as equal as possible, it makes this transition easier for the children and parents.

If you are in need of legal assistance with making a separation agreement, contact the Fruchtman Law Firm. We will help you create a plan that ensures both parents are able to spend quality time with your children.