How to Handle Holiday Child Custody Modifications

child custody during holiday

In Arizona, parenting plans typically outline how children share the holidays with both of their parents. While your agreement might have worked in the past, things can change over time. You can arrange for holiday child custody modifications any time that you experience a major change that impacts visitation. A Scottsdale child custody attorney can help you make alterations to your parenting plan so that everyone gets the opportunity to spend time with their child.

Consider Asking Your Child About Their Preferences

You never want to make your child feel forced to choose between their parents. However, you might want to ask your child about which holidays they really care about. For example, they may want to celebrate a holiday that only one parent honors. In this case, it may make sense to allow that parent to have custody on that specific day.

List the Holidays and Special Events Your Child Celebrates

You’ll next want to make a list of all of the holidays that your child enjoys along with a few other special occasions. In addition to holidays such as Christmas, Diwali and Yom Kippur, you might want to include your child’s birthday, their parents’ birthdays along with their school breaks.

Choose How You’ll Take Turns or Share the Day

Your next step is to sit down with the other parent to find out each other’s preferences for each specific holiday. You have several options for handling custody on these days such as alternating holidays from year to year or splitting the day up into halves. Even if you agree on everything, you’ll still want to work with an attorney at Fruchtman Law Firm to get it all down on paper and signed.

Know How to Handle a Disagreement

If you don’t agree on how to spend specific holidays, then a Scottsdale child custody modification attorney can serve as a mediator. Having a neutral party help you draw up an agreement is often preferable to going to court. As you work on this modification, try to keep an open mind. If you don’t get custody on a special day that you want, then you can always make up a new holiday tradition. Taking your child to a costume party might be just as fun as trick-or-treating on Halloween, and you can always make Thanksgiving happen a day or two early when you have your child at home.

Having a merry holiday is much easier when both parents are clear on how your child will spend their time. Working with a Scottsdale child custody lawyer allows you to establish a legal document that eliminates any confusion and ensures that your child gets to spend time with both of their parents. By the time that your next big holiday rolls around, you’ll be ready to make your plans while knowing exactly when you’ll have custody of your child.