How To Co-Parent During a Pandemic

parenting during pandemic

Mothers and fathers with parental time orders now have more clarity due to school closing, executive orders, sickness, and practical difficulties.

The guidelines tell parents what they should and shouldn’t do if their family’s habits are interrupted by the pandemic, so hire a divorce lawyer in Scottsdale AZ to assist you.

Below are a few examples:

Until both parents agree differently, or if the orders are changed, parents must follow all current parenting time orders. COVID-19 is not a justification to refuse parenting time in most cases but a Divorce attorney Scottsdale will help you navigate this issue.

The fact that parents are driving for the purpose of carrying their kids under a parenting plan doesn’t quite constitute a violation of Arizona Executive Order 2020-18.

By downloading and reading the new instructions for a complete list of detailed definitions and explanations, you’ll get a clearer understanding. They should be shared with the other parent. Communicate and work together in your children’s best interests. 

If you have questions about parenting time access or think temporary orders should be received, contact a Scottsdale Co-Parenting Lawyer.

Is Legal Custody the Same as Physical Custody?

No, they’re not the same thing, and here’s how they vary. The parent who has been granted legal custody of the child has the authority to make crucial decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, such as religious affiliation, schooling, and healthcare provider. 

When it comes to the child’s living conditions, the parent who is granted physical custody has the authority and responsibility to oversee all aspects of the child’s daily treatment.

Is It Possible For Us To Have Our Own Custody Agreement?

Yes, indeed. Parents who are willing to reach an agreement on their agreements without relying on a judge are strongly advised to do so. You and the other parent should resolve custody and access disputes privately as long as the arrangement is in the child’s best interests.

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