How an Attorney Can Help Your Marital Property Issues

divorceDivorce is often an emotional event for everyone involved. The process can be relatively simple for those who have not been married long and have little marital property. However, that is not always the case, and things can be complicated very easily when there are certain circumstances. The truth about divorces is that they typically have multiple aspects regarding the whole of the family, and while disposition of children and recognition of the rights of everyone involved is important, division of marital assets may be even more important in many cases. This is especially true for divorcing couples with significant wealth that could also include personal holdings. This determination could be get intense during the divorce process, and it is always a good decision to retain an experienced Scottsdale Ariz family attorney to assist in the marital property division process.

Marital Asset Identification

The first step in marital property division is deciding what is owned jointly, as each asset is evaluated for actual ownership and possession. Financial and real estate holdings are usually central to this determination, but other assets and physical property can be included.

Property Values

The next step in the property division process is valuation agreement for each item. Married couples do not always agree on the worth of their marital property, but certain assets can be valuated by documentation.

Mediation Proceeding

Arizona courts usually request divorcing couples go through mediation regarding all divorce issues, and property division is central to these proceedings. Meetings are informal and private, and the only public record will be the final divorce agreement. Having effective counsel is important because the meetings are designed to produce a binding legal agreement that controls disposition of all community property, and the agreement is typically permanent.

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Property division is a divorce issue that should never be taken lightly. Arizona residents should contact the Law Office of Hope Fruchtman, Scottsdale Ariz family attorney, for comprehensive and personal representation.