How an Attorney Can Help Through Your Step-Parent Adoption Case

adoption caseAs a step-parent, you want to give your step-child the best in life and offer them the utmost care. In many instances, the step-parent needs to have certain rights in order to give their step-child the best care. Adoption by a step-parent is the most common type of adoption as it helps to solidify the family bond of a blended family and helps the step-parent to fulfill their role. The process of a step-parent adoption should be handled by an attorney as it is complex and if something is missed, the step-parent will not have full parental rights. A Scottsdale AZ family attorney will guide you along the process and represent you in court.

The step-parent adoption process typically includes the following steps:

Consent: Before the adoption can begin, the step-parent must get consent from both of the biological parents. The parent who will relinquish their rights will not be responsible for the child, not even for child support. It is important to note that if there is no consent, the adoption may not be legal.

Contact court and obtain legal forms: Once the court that handles adoption has been located, you should obtain the necessary legal forms. All information and documents that are requested must be submitted in order to receive a court date. An attorney at Fruchtman Law Firm can explain the forms and required documents to you.

Appear at court date and await decision: Once you have been given a court date, you should attend with a Scottsdale AZ family attorney and wait to see what the court has decided. Remember to provide all requested information.

Step-parent adoption should be handled by an attorney due to how intricate the laws are. At Fruchtman Law Firm, our professionals will work to make this process as easy as possible. Contact us for a consultation so that we can answer your questions.