Holiday FAQ’s Children Going Through Divorce

How children react to divorce depends on their age, personality, and the reasons surrounding the separation and divorce.

In divorce, it is more important than ever for each parent to be mindful of their children’s emotional well-being.  Children may feel torn between their parents’ two distinctly different worlds.  Parents should make sure the kids don’t feel caught in the middle of loyalty conflicts between them.  The Fruchtman Law Firm is a divorce attorney in Scottsdale, AZ that has the expertise to help a divorcing parent navigate these troubled waters.

Holidays for the kids can make things even harder.  With custody battles and visitation rules – kids are dividing their time between households and each side of the family.  Parents should make the appropriate sacrifices that have their children’s best interest in mind during those times.

Suppose neither parent has a great support system from those closest to them or a family tradition to bring stability and community to their children’s lives.  In that case, it is never too late to create one.

As families seek to navigate through transitions like divorce, and need a divorce litigation attorney Scottsdale AZ, they should contact the Fruchtman Law Firm.

Here are a few ways to make the holidays more enjoyable for children when transitioning during or after divorce.

  • Focus on getting along.  Parents should strive to be flexible and peaceable when planning holidays schedules, minimizing conflict. 
  • Parents shouldn’t use the time with their children as a fishing expedition to get dirt on the other parent.
  • Each parent could create a new tradition for them and their children, making new memories.
  • Have fun.  Parents should play games, music, arts, and crafts, bake cookies and do other fun activities with their children.  Engage with them, create laughter, and relieve any stress they may feel at the time. 
  • Parents should make their children the center of attention during the holidays.

Creating new memories is well worth the effort.  Parents considering divorce should be willing to do what it takes to make life easier for their children, especially during the holidays.  If you are considering the possibility of getting a divorce and need a divorce attorney Scottsdale AZ being your home, reach out to the Fruchtman Law Firm