Guardian Ad Litem

High Net-Worth DivorcesDivorce law can be very complicated, especially when children are involved. The courts have devised a system for taking care of those kids, and to do so, they often appoint a representative whose job is to look after the interests of the child. Though parents can sometimes keep the best interests of the child in mind, the court wants to ensure that there is a person dedicated to representing the child during divorce proceedings. A good AZ divorce lawyer can serve as a this representative, known more commonly as a guardian ad litem. When you are looking for a divorce lawyer Scottsdale is a good place to be. The Fruchtman Law Firm provides this service to parents in need.

What makes a good guardian ad litem?
When a divorce is ongoing, the various parties will all have different motivations. One side might be going through financial stress, and another side might have specific selfish goals that they are protecting. The unfortunate fact is that this can leave the child in a bad place. A guardian ad litem is there to make sure that the child has a voice in a divorce. A good AZ divorce lawyer can play this role, protecting children and ensuring that they are heard from during the process. If you are in need of this sort of service, the Fruchtman Law Firm can help.

Looking after a child’s needs
Often times, the child will have specific needs that must be accounted for. Perhaps a child needs to go to school at a certain place. One parent could be more abusive than the other. These are things that must go into the mix when the court determines custody arrangements and child support arrangements. The child should not be forgotten, and most courts believe that the child is the most important thing going during the divorce proceeding. A good guardian ad litem will work hard as an advocate for the child. The Fruchtman Law Firm can provide this strong, impassioned voice, speaking up for the child when parents or other parties are not willing to do so.