Arizona Family Law- Enforcing Child Support

child supportChild support is an issue that a lot of people have to deal with in Arizona divorce law. Our Arizona divorce attorneys  handle cases everyday with clients going through divorce and discussing child support. Within Arizona divorce law, there are ways to enforce child support. Here are some examples:

Jail Sentence – If a parent intentionally withholds child support, it is possible for that parent to be held in contempt and thrown in jail.

Withholding Income – If a parent refuses to pay for child support, there are cases where the portion of the income of that parent which will be used for child support will be withheld and that parent will have to report to the law office of those responsible for enforcing the child support practice for any change in home or job address.

Intercepting Taxes – The tax of the parent responsible for child support could also be intercepted so as to make sure that child support is truly enforced.

Suspension of Driver’s License – Failure to pay for child support could also result in suspension of driver’s license, both non-professional and professional.

Criminal Charge – As a last resort, if the parent responsible for child support willfully refuses to pay, then a criminal charge that could result in the payment of a large sum to imprisonment could be applied.