Getting a Divorce in Arizona

divorceIn some states, it is very difficult for couples to get divorced. However, the grounds for receiving a divorce are simple to meet in the state of Arizona. All that a couple has to do is prove that the union is irretrievably broken. This means that both parties agree that the marriage is over and unable to be fixed. The marriage may be considered unable to be fixed if there is a long physical separation, constant bickering, a conflict of personality, antagonistic feelings, resentment, financial difficulties or other serious issues that the couple cannot or does not want to work out together.

A divorce that is the result of it being irretrievably broken does not place blame on either party. In fact, the Arizona court system will not place blame on either party with regard to the dissolution of a marriage. It is simple in Arizona. All property and debt obtained and incurred during the marriage is split equally in the event of a divorce.

The divorce process can be quick and easy in Arizona if both parties agree to do what it takes to avoid a trial. A couple seeking a divorce in Arizona can complete the Dissolution of Marriage Process by submitting a Consent Decree or a written agreement that waives the right to a trial or judgment from a judge.

If the couple is not able to agree on the conditions of the divorce, it will be necessary to contact a Scottsdale divorce attorney. It is also recommended to contact a lawyer in the event of an Arizona military divorce, as these can be tricky.