Differences between Legal Separation and Divorce in Arizona


At Fruchtman Law Firm, we help with both legal separation and divorces. The processes of legal separation and divorce are very similar in the state of Arizona. Both approaches mean the divorcing couple must agree on living arrangements, finances, debts, insurance issues, and child custody issues. Both processes will fill out similar sets of documents and have them served in similar manners. The difference between ending your marriage and a legal separation is the final court paperwork.

What is Legal Separation in Arizona?

Legal separation is granted by court order if you want to live separately from your spouse but do not wish to terminate your marriage. Divorce legally ends the union of two people who have been married for any length of time (even just one day).

Being granted a legal separation means that your current and future finances, debts, assets, and belongings are now legally separated. You no longer share anything, except for children, with your spouse. You most likely live in separate residences. Neither of you can legally sign each other up for things or speak on the other’s behalf. It’s as if your marriage has ended.

Legal separation is an alternative to those who may wish to separate assets and finances and provide structure for the kids but not entirely end their legal marriage. Some find this favorable due to religious beliefs or because they have hope of reconciliation. Others need to end their relationship with their spouse but need to remain legally married so the other person can still have health insurance.

How a Divorce Attorney in Scottsdale Can Help

Because the process is nearly identical to divorce, divorce lawyers in Scottsdale can help smooth out the rougher edges of the ordeal. They can help you sort through the paperwork when things seem emotionally fragile and broken. Some Scottsdale divorce lawyers even have the ability for you to participate in the process virtually through video conferencing and telephone calls, keeping out of a courtroom if that is your wish.

Find Divorce Lawyers in Scottsdale AZ

Faithfully serving the Scottsdale, AZ, and greater surrounding areas, we at Fruchtman Law Firm are happy to help you both through the stress and agony of a legal separation or divorce process. We prioritize reducing conflict between the parties, and we think you’ll feel refreshed by not having to shoulder the total burden any longer. Contact us today for an appointment!