Legal Dependency Issues? Why You Need a Lawyer to Help

In a family law context, dependency issues refer to situations in which a child is considered unsafe with biological parents because the parent is abusing or neglecting the child or has an issue such as addiction that interferes with the ability to care for the child. While courts usually take the position that a child should be with biological parents when it is possible, exceptions are made when the child’s well-being is in danger.

A Scottsdale divorce attorney may have a background in dependency issues since this is an issue that may arise during child custody proceedings. Whether you are a parent who is facing an allegation of being unable to provide safe and adequate care for a child or a relative who hopes to remove a child from an unsafe situation, dependency issues should be addressed with the assistance of an attorney. It is important to seek legal custody in these types of cases so there is recourse if anyone tries to remove a child from the person who has that custody. Involving an attorney may also be important for creating documentation and a paper trail of abuse or neglect.

legal dependency issues

One parent might accuse another during a divorce of being unfit for custody because of domestic abuse. A Scottsdale divorce attorney may handle a case like this. Another situation might be one in which a child is removed from a parent’s home by Child Protective Services because of the parent’s drug addiction. The child might be placed with the other parent or with a family member pending further legal proceedings to assign custody. The Fruchtman Law Firm may be able to help a parent get supervised visitation and, eventually, more access to the child.

If a grandparent or another family member takes in a child who is unsafe in the parent’s home and does not get legal custody, the parent can take the child back at any time. Attorney Hope Fruchtman can advise family members who are in this situation about how to best protect the children in this situation and get legal custody if necessary. Contact our office today to speak to your trusted Scottsdale divorce attorney and determine the best option for your case.