Deciding on Divorce: Your Next Step

divorceDivorce may be the most volatile process you will ever go through. Even when spouses are in agreement that the marriage should end, it is an emotional process as both parties cope with the death of the relationship. When a divorce is imminent, one of the first questions you should ask is whether you need a Scottsdale AZ divorce attorney to walk you through the process.

The attorneys at the Fruchtman Law Firm realize it is a big decision. We offer these three ways a lawyer can help you through your divorce.


Emotions heighten during the divorce process. An experienced attorney from Fruchtman Law Firm can act as a buffer between you and your spouse. This can help you focus on making logical decisions without pain and anger coloring your perspective.


Legal Advice

While you can file a petition for divorce yourself, you are not an expert in the field of family law. You are limited to learning as you go, listening to the experiences of others, or doing a lot of research on your own. Even the best research is unlikely to help you if the case becomes complicated with the division of assets and liabilities, child custody, or alimony. You need an expert who not only knows the court system but stays up-to-date on current changes in the law. A Scottsdale AZ divorce attorney can act as a disinterested third party and help you make tough decisions when you feel overwhelmed by the whole process.


Paperwork Preparation

While you can find forms online to file for a divorce yourself, they are pretty generic. A divorce lawyer can customize your divorce petition to address your specific situation. The attorney will also ask you thought-provoking questions to help you make sure you are not forgetting to include vital information.

Think carefully about whether you want to follow through with a divorce alone or with the skilled support of a legal expert. Your decision can make a difference that affects your future for many years to come. Contact Fruchtman Law Firm today to begin building your defense.