Custody Relocation: How it Works and Why You Need an Attorney

custody relocationChild custody relocation is a situation in which the custodial parent moves out-of-state or more than 100 miles within the state. The act is legally defined, and the custodial parent must get the court’s permission before carrying out such a plan. If you are the non-custodial parent, such a move can have a significant impact on your ability to see your child and cultivate a healthy relationship with them.

This is a major decision that can have huge ramifications on the lives of you and your child. Your ex should discuss the matter with you before doing it. However, if they have decided to do it without consulting you and getting your permission, you can petition the court to stop it.

You should first contact a lawyer. Retaining the services of a Scottsdale AZ family lawyer at Fruchtman Law Firm will ensure that you are not denied your parental rights. Attorney Hope Fruchtman at Fruchtman Law Firm will help you protect your ability to parent your child.

The request by the custodial parent to relocate with the child will be examined by a judge. As always, the judge will keep the best interests of the child at the center of their deliberations. The judge will consider the following factors:

-the circumstances that led to the decision to move
-the impact the move will have on your ability to see the child
-whether the move is motivated to prevent you from seeing the child
-whether the move is motivated to get an increase in child support
-the impact on the emotional and mental health of the child

The bottom line is your ex cannot take your child away from you by simply moving to another state or city. Working with a Scottsdale AZ family lawyer will help protect you and your child against the whims of your former spouse. Contact our office today to begin building your defense.